Flavors, Fillings and FAQs

verticalcakesWedding cakes are made up of tiers; each tier consists of four cake layers. Tiers can be stacked on top of each other or separated by columns, and each tier can be a different flavor.

Cake layers can be separated by icing or flavored fillings. The entire cake is iced and decorated with traditional buttercream frosting.

What flavors of cake do you make?

Chocolate, vanilla, lemon, coconut-pecan creme cake, amaretto, carrot and spice cake.

What type of fillings do you make?

Chocolate, mint, vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, raspberry, lemon, apricot, browned butter and more!

What’s the difference between icing and filling?

Fillings are different than icing in flavor and texture. For example, raspberry filling is a thin layer of crushed sweetened raspberries, similar to raspberry preserves.

How big will my cake have to be?

Cakes are sized according to the number of guests instead of by the slice. This allows for seconds! A 16 inch cake serves 100, a 12 inch cakes serves 50 and an 8 inch cakes serves 20.

What about saving part of the cake for my first anniversary?

The top tier (which is 6 inches) is not counted when determining the number of servings. This tier is traditionally saved by the bride and groom for their first anniversary.

Do you deliver?

Yes, Charlie delivers and assembles most of his wedding cakes. Charlie makes cakes for weddings in the greater Williamsburg, Richmond, and Newport News area.